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1st International Piano Concerto Festival

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

In the Summer of 2019, the first ever Piano Concerto Festival took place at the prestigious Danube Palace with Andras Deak at the helm of the Danube Symphony Orchestra.

International Level at the festival

Students from all corners of the world travelled to Budapest to have their masterclasses with the Orchestra. These young pianists came from Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, Argentina. The level of the competition at was extremely high and the jury had to tie the first prize between Lisa Tahara (Canada) and Victoria Frances Young (USA)

Impressive Faculty for the first edition

Our students have had the opportunity to learn with our distinguished faculty during the festival.

  • Stanislav Ioudenitch (USA)

  • Xin Wang (Germany)

  • Ha Young Sul (Sweden)

  • Congyu Wang (France)


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